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about me

Join Nadia to explore new ways of cultivating mind-body balance. Nadia's approach to expanding gratitude, setting intentions and teaching breathing techniques will give you a hands on experience for daily practice in reducing stress. 

Cultures worldwide use Mandalas as a visual tool for mindfulness, which is a mental state of focusing on the present moment. Each workshop is designed for individual introspection with a mandala creation.

SERVICES: Nadia is available for hourly, weekly, monthly and special event bookings. Workshops are 30-90 minutes. Retreats are half-days.

RESORTS &  SPAS: Wellness tourism and health-focused services pair well with Mandala mindfulness workshops to refresh mind, body and spirit. 

TREATMENT CENTERS: A wonderful addition to established recovery programs for releasing tension and creating new wellness habits. Spiritual Principles of the 12 Steps and Metta Meditation focus for aligning actions with inner values.


Staff renewal and mindfulness benefits providers and patients alike. Emotional balance at the individual level supports the whole team.

Nadia is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor, Art Therapy Life Coach, Reiki Master and a Community Partner with the San Diego Girl Scouts. 

Advocate of MBSR Jon Kabat-Zin stress reduction techniques and an active volunteer with LightBridge Hospice and Rob Machado Foundation.