San Diego, California, United States

Instagram: @LoveSoulShine

Instagram: @LoveSoulShine

W E L L N E S S       W O R K S H O P S


W E L L N E S S       W O R K S H O P S

LoveSoulShine Wellness Workshops



Circles  symbolize unity, wholeness and balance. Cultures worldwide use sacred circles as a creative and tangible tool for focusing in the present moment.  Experience the flow of gratitude while engaging the senses in this fully guided mindfulness workshop. Create a mandala, nature art, word art, or abstract design. 



Retreat workshops center on creative prayer to explore new ways of expression and devotion. Tangible  and visual prayer engages the senses and enhances a deeper connection to a spiritual practice. The blending of gratitude with devotional art offers a unique practice that uplifts the soul and aligns intention with love.

Health Care & Treatment Centers


A customized wellness and self-care experience for recovery, health care professionals and corporate groups. 

A wonderful addition and support to any established program or staff renewal. De-stressing techniques at the individual level support the whole team!